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NEW NEW NEW!! 4 new cds from Josh Newcom out now!!! 

4 new CDs from Josh Newcom out now!!!

Turns Out The Grass Is Green CD
(An original album of bluegrass and folk music)

Hillbilly Metal & Whiskey Rock N Roll CD
(Original hillbilly metal & whiskey rock n roll music)

My Block (I Miss Country) CD
(All original traditional sounding country music)

Everybody's Wrong CD
(Original music of a blended up mixture of genres per song)

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New Josh Newcom Song! 

#1 Outlaw is a song from Josh's up coming cd "Renegades, Outlaws, & Gypsies" written
by Josh Newcom based around one of his great friends
the late Wayne Mills and one of his heroes the late Dimebag Darrell.
The song also mentions Josh's other very close friends the late Alan Hash
as well as John Bonham, and Cliff Burton
Get it HERE

Music Music Music! 

All Josh Newcom songs are now
on iTunes, apple music, Amazon MP3,
Google Play, YouTube, iheart radio,
Spotify, and of course right here!!

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