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2 NEW Josh Newcom Albums! 

This is number 7 and 8 new all original albums
released by Josh Newcom in less then a year!!

"The Old Way" is a western album and 
"The Blues Gonna Getcha" is of course a blues album.
Get them both NOW HERE and anywhere there's music!

Josh Newcom's Renegades Outlaws & Gypsies Episode 1 

Josh Newcom's Renegades Outlaws & Gypsies Episode 1 Wild West Tour May-June 2018 is finished!
Watch it right here!

"We filmed our over a month long west cost tour and decided to use it for the 1st episode of our new (Renegades, Outlaws and Gypsies) show. 
Some people ask what it’s like always taking my family on the road and us homeschooling our girls,’s like this!" - Josh Newcom

NEW NEW NEW!! 4 new cds from Josh Newcom out now!!! 

4 new CDs from Josh Newcom out now!!!

Turns Out The Grass Is Green CD
(An original album of bluegrass and folk music)

Hillbilly Metal & Whiskey Rock N Roll CD
(Original hillbilly metal & whiskey rock n roll music)

My Block (I Miss Country) CD
(All original traditional sounding country music)

Everybody's Wrong CD
(Original music of a blended up mixture of genres per song)

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Previous events


Bad S Icehouse - Josh Newcom - solo

Oyster Creek Texas


JP Hops - Josh Newcom - solo

Houston Texas


Duck Blind - Josh Newcom

Batesville Arkansas


Gros Marina - Josh Newcom

Morgan City Louisiana


Bourbon's - Josh Newcom

Morgan City Louisiana


Harry's Bar - 5th Annual Ode To Wayne Mills - Josh Newcom PLUS

Tuscaloosa Alabama

Performers include Josh Newcom, Hal Bruni, Davis Nix, Gary Craig, Chris Posey, Curt Brewer, Jarod Foster, JD Outlaw, Jarrod Barrier, Kyle Wilson, Casper McWade, and many more!


Private Party - Josh Newcom - solo

Little Rock Arkansas


BooneDox - Josh Newcom - solo

Gulfport Mississippi


BooneDox - Josh Newcom - Solo

Gulfport Mississippi


Private Party - Josh Newcom - solo

Cullman Alabama


The Elbow Room - Josh Newcom solo

Wichita, KS

With Jimmy Swope


Mothers Tavern - Josh Newcom (Solo)

Sunset Beach California


Joshua Tree Saloon - Josh Newcom

Joshua Tree Saloon , Joshua Tree California