Thank You for your support!

So I have 3 albums that I’ve released this year to all the digital download and streaming sites. 

A blues album “The Blues Gonna Getcha”, a country/western album “The Old Way” and this new rock album I literally just finished “Low End Of The Bottom” . 

And I’m going to finish another Country album before the year is up called “Renegades, Outlaws And Gypsies”! (If not 2 more) 

We’re wanting to release hard CD copies of all 4 before Christmas if time allows. It’ll cost around $5,500 which we don’t have just sitting around. So we thought we would reach out to 10 or 20 folks that support what we got going on and see if we can’t break up the cost. 8-10 people or businesses doing $500 each would be great but any amount will help tremendously! More would be fantastic but even $100 would be great AND it definitely wouldn’t hurt a thing if you couldn’t or just didn’t want to do any!! Cause we love ya either way and completely understand!! 
This is very hard for us to do. It wouldn't even be happening if it wasn't for a few great folks that had to have hard copies, came up with the idea, and wouldn't take no for an answer on donating to making that happen. it is

We plan on doing lots of thank you’s online and on all the album covers for the people or business involved. Unless they want to stay anonymous. And of course we'll send you copies!

You don’t have to respond if you are unable to contribute. Like I said we understand.

Thanks a million for even taking time to read this!

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Josh Newcom
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