It’s a new day.

We are very excited to announce that as of March 12 Steve Karas and SKH Music has come aboard as management for Josh Newcom!! 

Steve Karas 
SKH Music 

A lot of good things happening!

We end this 2018 year with Josh Newcom releasing 10 albums with over 105 original songs in just 18 months!
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We have over…

New Josh Newcom Rock Album!

"Low End Of The Bottom" is the new rock album from Josh Newcom!
Get it now on every streaming and download site!!

2 NEW Josh Newcom Albums!

This is number 7 and 8 new all original albums
released by Josh Newcom in less then a year!!

"The Old Way" is a western album and 
"The Blues Gonna Getcha" is of course a blues album.
Get them both …

NEW NEW NEW!! 4 new cds from Josh Newcom out now!!!

4 new CDs from Josh Newcom out now!!!

Turns Out The Grass Is Green CD
(An original album of bluegrass and folk music)

Hillbilly Metal & Whiskey Rock N Roll CD
(Original hillbilly metal & whiskey rock n


Two more brand NEW Josh Newcom videos!! 

Two more brand NEW Josh Newcom videos!! 
Both from the new "Hillbilly Metal & Whiskey Rock N Roll" album. 

Josh Newcom - I See Ozzy (Video)

Josh Newcom - My Own Way (Video)

Christmas Album!

Last years Christmas album is on sale for only $6 to download!!
Get it HERE!


New Josh Newcom Video!

Here's a video we put together for the Josh Newcom
song "Run Boy Run" off of "Tattooed On My Heart"