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Warpaint Nation May 25 News!  

Lots of Warpaint Nation News! 

Josh Newcom just released a new song today that he wrote about his hero
called "I See Ozzy"  that is available on iTunes now!!!
Click this link to purchase! https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/i-see-ozzy-single/id1239926903?app=itunes&ign-mpt=uo%3D4
Here is the video teaser 

Josh Newcom also released 2 new videos of his new double disc cd "Tattooed On My Heart"  
"Son Of The Beach" which was filmed at the mighty Flora Bama and "Charlie Wayne"
which is a short film/ music video that was filmed down in the swamps of Morgan City Louisiana! 
So be sure to subscribe to our youtube channel and check those out and many more here  

You can also download the new Double Disc cd "Tattooed On My Heart" on iTunes now at 

Also be sure to like our new Warpaint Nation Facebook page at www.facebook.com/warpaintnation 
Its a page to showcase or better yet SHOW OFF all our awesome true Warpaint Nation tribe! 
So send us any pics you have of yourself wearing your Josh Newcom, Warpaint Entertainment, or
Warpaint Gypsy apparel so we can post them up! 

And finally 
Be sure to check out the new Warpaint Gypsy Threads clothing store at www.warpaintgypsy.com 
Its clothing designed for all you "Renegades, Outlaws, and Gypsies"! 
Here's a few designs. Check the site for a lot more!!
And don't forget to LIKE the Warpaint Gypsy Facebook page at www.facebook.com/warpaintgypsythreads

New Warpaint Gypsy Threads Store!! 

Warpaint Gypsy Threads is an apparel store created by Kristie Ann and Josh Newcom for all the Outlaws, Gypsies, And Renegades. 
Everything is printed in house at our Warpaint Threads facility and designed by Josh and Kristie

We also do custom design work at any quantity. So if you need party shirts, family shirts, team shirts, or any other event hit me (William Kerr) up and we'll get you all set up.  info@warpaintrecords.com  Check back often for new designs!   Click Gypsy Threads link up on the menu bar to visit the store. Here are some samples!!

New double disc from Josh Newcom "Tattooed On My Heart" out now!! 

It's here! The brand-new double disc 20 songs set from Josh Newcom 

"Tattooed On My Heart"!! 20 all original songs produced and recorded by Josh Newcom.
Download the full 20 songs here for only $18
Pick up your hard copy here now for only $25 and that includes shipping and handling!  

Track List 

Tattooed On My Heart  
Run Boy Run 
Should I Try  (Duet with Pati Long)
All Right  
Alone For The Winter  
My Woman 
Chasin Beards & Bones  

Me And The Moon 
Even Better  
Charlie Wayne 
Our Love Survives  
Son Of The Beach 
I Dove In 
The Same Way (Duet with Garry Newcom)
Heaven On Earth 
Make It Last  
Movie Screen

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CD by Mail with instant download

CD by Mail with instant download

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Produced by Josh Newcom


Bourbon's - Josh Newcom (Solo)

Morgan City Louisiana


Bourbon's - Josh Newcom (Solo)

Morgan City Louisiana


Flora Bama - Josh Newcom (Solo)

Flora Bama (Dome Stage), Perdido Key Florida


Flora Bama - Josh Newcom (Solo)

Flora Bama (Main Stage), Perdido Key Florida